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More October Updates

I have news on several items. First off, I JUST received the audio back from Otto for the next Freeman’s Mind episode. I still have to do final processing on everything, but I’m pretty sure I can have it completed and sent to Machinima.com in the next 24 hours. After that it will go up whenever it works out for their scheduling. My apologies this episode took so long. It took me a while, it took Otto a while, then I didn’t get as far ahead on the next episode as I intended.

Second, while I’m guessing some of you may not believe me due to the timing, I’ve come down sick with something in the past day or two that’s gone after my throat. It’s currently painful for me to speak for more than a few seconds, making more voice recording not an option right now. I’ll resume recording on the next FM as soon as my throat is better.

Third, things may not be so great on the code end of things for the Source engine (again). I did get in contact with Valve, and the last email I received from them said that while it would take them a while to release a bug fix of the code officially, they could hook me up with a part of the code that fixes the stuttering of animations during demo playback. Unfortunately that was over a month ago. I’ve been sending them a check-in email each week since then, with no reply. While I suppose I’m the last person to criticize others of being late on emails (considering my current backlog), if someone is emailing me once a week as a reminder about something I already said I would help them with, I would almost certainly respond in a more timely manner. Anyway, I hope the employee I’m in touch with is just busy and will get back to me, but I may have to figure out alternatives in the meantime.

Fourth, I still have plenty of other things to catch up on. Round two of reviewing the sound editing contestants, finalizing the MKV tests, getting more things (like broken links) fixed on the website, and catching up on emails. The next post here will likely be the sound contest winners or else FM #39.

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