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Music composer(s) wanted

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Well I feel like an idiot, as one viewer pointed out, looks like Craig Kesicke updated his blog literally an hour before I made this post (his last update being in May), so he is still alive. For now, the offer still stands, since the no-reply thing this close to Halloween really alarmed me.

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While work is progressing steadily on “The Tunnel” I have a new problem. Since Machinima.com generally isn’t happy about me using game soundtrack music anymore, composer Craig Kesicke was supposed to be creating music for this episode and has already created some that I plan to use. However, I haven’t heard back from him in a few weeks despite sending some follow-up emails, so I can only assume his rowdy past has caught up with him and he has been arrested by the local authorities.

While this time delay would normally be nothing to be concerned over, I’m trying to do everything in my power to get this episode done before Halloween. This means I want to allocate as much time as possible for composing music for the scenes as I finish filming them. I’m not done with the episode yet, but I have multiple scenes done that I need music for, so I’m opening up the doors for anyone who’s interested in composing music for this episode (and possible future ones). If you compose music and want to give this a shot, go ahead and email me at [email protected]. Some people have offered to compose music in the past. I plan to sift through my old emails and contact some of them, but don’t hesitate to take the initiative and email me again if you’ve contacted me about music before. For everyone else, I will want to hear a sample of your past music, even if it’s not the style I’m after for this episode.

Since I was originally planning to use soundtrack music, I’ll be putting together tracks I was considering as an audio reference for each scene along with a description of the kind of mood I’m after along with any details I can think of. I’ll want samples of music first before I send the footage to score the actual scene as a way of minimizing any unused work. Finally, be prepared for rejection. As a soundtrack freak, I can be picky about the kind of sound I want, also it’s possible someone may have got to me before you did. I generally don’t like creating a competitive atmosphere like this for people, but in this case, I really want to see this episode done in time and I think this might be the best approach. I do give feedback on anything I want revised or changed however, so there’s nothing saying you can’t keep trying again with different samples if I don’t like the initial ones. Also it’s very possible different composers may end up working on different scenes.

Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes. I unfortunately can’t afford to pay people what their music is probably worth, but I will of course give credit to everyone whose music gets used in the episode.

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