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New audio interview

Hey people,

This is sort of an 11th hour situation, but I’m going to be having another live audio interview tomorrow at around 10:00 PM EST (3:00AM GMT I think). While my policy is still generally to postpone all interviews until I’m done with the next CP episode, these people contacted me many months back and I agreed to this date, so I don’t want to back out on them. The people interviewing me are are Moonhawk Studios Presents , who create a webcomic called Starship Moonhawk. They interview a lot of different webcomic creators on their podcast, but they’ve expanded their criteria enough more recently to include whoever. I really don’t know what they’ll be asking me, though they’re generally pretty laidback. They also have a guy who can do a good Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

If you want to listen in on it, I’ve been told to go into their chatroom around 9:45PM EST on August 18th at this location:

Interview location

I’ve been told you don’t need the program TalkShoe, but it helps and that the listener limit may be around 200 people. If you’re not available for the interview at that time, they’ll post an MP3 of it afterwards that I’ll put a link up to later on.


The interview went well, I was much more lucid since I wasn’t low on sleep the way I was for the Podcast 17 interview. Here are the links to it:

MP3 download

Streaming audio

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