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New Interview: 8 Bit Life

Hey everyone, I have another interview I did not long ago that recently went up here:

Interview link

It was for the podcast “My So Called 8 Bit Life” where he covers various topics related to videogames or whatever else he wants. Some of the questions have been in other interviews I’ve done, though there was some more about my background that I haven’t been asked before. There was also some stuff related to Machinima.com, but it’s nothing that’s not in my “ Escape From Machinima” posts. I also screwed up the audio for this since Skype was secretly adding a 20dB boost to my recording volume without my realizing it until after the interview was over, so my apologies about that. I tried to avoid this sort of thing at all costs in the videos, but I apparently met my match with Skype.

As for the videos, the next Game Dungeon should be out in a couple days at the most, then I have another one planned not long after that. Freeman’s Mind won’t be returning until next month however.


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