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PC Gamer Interview

Hey people, while I’m still working on the videos, it looks like an interview I did a week or two ago from PC Gamer has gone up. I’ve been intentionally trying to postpone all interviews until I’m done with the next CP episode, but I was willing to make an exception for PC Gamer, since I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be interviewed by. They title this as me being a “hero” of the PC gaming community, which I think is really reaching. I haven’t made any games, I haven’t finished Freeman’s Mind, and I haven’t gotten to my best ideas produced by any means. I am an avid PC gamer however (or used to be back when I had free time anyway), and I plan to keep making lots of videos in the machinima medium regardless of what happens. Anyway, feel free to check out the interview here:

PC Gamer interview

On a side note, I asked a question of the interviewer that I never received a reply to, that maybe you guys can help out with. I have an interest in older games and would like to read old issues of PC Gamer. If you want to view an issue of PC Gamer that’s a few years old however, you’re out of luck. A companion magazine, Maximum PC, has put up all of their old issues online as a pdf archive and on Google Books. I’d like to see PC Gamer do something similar, maybe if you guys bombard them with requests it might happen. I think I found their contact information here if you want to email them. Alternately, if anyone wanted to mail me old issues of the magazine, I wouldn’t object.


The interviewer ended up emailing me back, he was away on a trip. It’s probably still worth asking them about the back issues however.


The dialogue for the next FM episode was completed on Monday, but the sound editing is going to take longer than usual for this episode.


I’ve uploaded the finished FM episode to Machinima.com. It will appear on their Youtube channel first, but I have no idea when. If you spot it go up and I haven’t made a post on it yet, feel free to email me.

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