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Post-interview news

Well here’s the interview link for those that are interested:


I was able to grab Craig (the voice of Dave) and Ryan (one of the animators who’s been with the show a while) at the last minute to come on the show as well. Unfortunately I was kind of low on sleep at the time, so I remember it as kind of a disjointed dream sequence. There are multiple spots where I completely lost my train of thought and topics bounced around all over the place, but the hosts tried their best to keep it in line I think. So sorry if I sound like I’m drugged when you listen to it. Also my internet connection can be rather horrid, it disconnected me entirely at least 3 times during the interview.

In other news, I’m working on the next Freeman’s Mind, though I confess I simply took some free time this weekend where I wasn’t working on anything, something I haven’t done in a very long time. As a result, I’m behind on everything, but I’ll keep working on things.

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