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Quick May Update

Hey everyone, just a quick update with what’s going on. I’m working on multiple different projects, I hope to have a couple come out this month. The first will definitely be the next Game Dungeon. I hope to have it done in the next few days, it’s become more involved and I can say that it’s going to be a very special episode in terms of the content.

In other news, I wouldn’t mind some advice from people in the following areas:

I’ve come to the conclusion that I could likely use a separate microphone when recording on camera than the one I use when I’m recording normal audio. I really am not an expert on microphones, so advice here would be appreciated. I’m thinking I’ll want a lavalier mic, but I have no idea what are the good models or where the best cutoff point is in terms of price v. quality, so if you’re familiar with this, go ahead and contact me.

For some future videos, I’m trying to set up game sessions on older games (particularly DOS ones) where I can take turns with another person in playing a single player game, except over the internet. My distance from the USA means that no solution will be flawless, so there will of course be some lag, but I’m hoping it could be low enough for less-demanding action games. Many remote desktop solutions are in appropriate for this sort of thing, since they’re not focused on gaming, so the wrong data gets priority. And the ones that are focused on gaming are mostly focused on modern games, where the overhead might be much larger than what I’m looking for (a 320x200 screen). Seeing as how GPUs can do video encoding on the fly, this SHOULD be possible, but I’m unaware of any software that does it. So far I’ve tried the trial version of Kainy (which was borderline playable), and I’ve heard of Splashtop, although that doesn’t have a functional demo for internet use. If anyone has advice for software or wants to try and hack DOSbox or something to make this possible, please contact me at [email protected].

That’s about it, more videos coming this month!

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