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Ross for hire

I unfortunately still have no news on when / if I can upload new videos on Machinima.com. In the meantime, the whole situation has been making me nervous financially since I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve tried applying for an additional job, but haven’t had much luck yet. In the interest of me being able to pay rent in the future, I am now offering my services provided someone out there is interested in hiring me for something. Here are some areas people may want to hire me for.

I can do any voices you’ve heard in the existing videos, plus I’ve also recorded a voice acting reel as a sampler for additional voices I can perform:

Voice acting reel for Ross Scott (MP3, 4MB)

Please feel free to spread this to anyone you think might have an interest in hiring me.

Writing is generally one of the lower paid categories in movies in general, but I thought I would list it as a possible option anyway. I’ve obviously done a lot of comedy writing which you see in the videos, though I’m not strictly limited to that. I am likely to be a poor candidate for any dramatic dialogue however.

I’m really not anticipating anyone hiring me in these areas, since even at minimum wage, I couldn’t even afford to pay myself the hours I normally dump into machinima videos; animation can be incredibly time consuming. I also have some experience animating with the Unreal 3 / UDK engine, however I’m far less experienced with it than I am with Source.

- - -

As for how much I’m charging, it kind of depends on what people want me to do. I found this article indicating how much voice actors typically earn, but I’m guessing most of those numbers are far beyond what I qualify for. Also it’s worth mentioning that I can’t do any jobs directly related to Civil Protection or Freeman’s Mind until things are resolved with Machinima.com, sorry.

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