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September Scramble

Well in the August update I said I was absolutely going to be done with the animation for Civil Protection that month. That ended up being not completely true. I actually was done with the animation at one point while I was waiting for material from other people, but then I got the material, so I’m no longer done with the animation. That and the new Freeman’s Mind episode + website revision probably set me back at least a week and a half. There’s the joke about “Valve Time” which I seem to be doing an admirable job of following. I honestly wonder if the Valve staff is so delayed because of dealing with engine agony the way I do or if it’s for other reasons.

The good news is that I’m getting very close to being done with the animation. So much so, I’ve prepared a progress report on what’s left to be done before I can film everything. It’s been declassified CIA-style, so you can read it with no fear of spoilers:

Tunnel Status

I’m still waiting on some material from other people, so what will probably end up happening is that I’ll work until I can’t work on anything else again, then start on the next Freeman’s Mind episode. So this month is likely to be a blended mania of finishing the animation, filming, and working on Freeman’s Mind. In an attempt to shoot myself in the foot again, I intend for all animation and filming to be done for the CP episode this month. The sound editing will be mostly out of my hands, so I’m giving no time estimate for that, however if that ends up taking a long time, all that means is I’ll start on Freeman’s Mind sooner.

More features and changes are still being planned for the website, though they probably won’t get my full attention until after I’m done with the CP animation work. Same goes for subtitles.

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