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several news updates

Well I’ve got some more news on several items:


A new episode should be coming out before too long, but progress has been extremely slow. While I was told there would be audio recording accommodations before I accepted the job, they have been very sketchy. I had to record episode 15 sandwiched between 2 offices where other people are working and making noise, much of it carries through the walls, plus there’s a smaller echo in the room, and I’m next to a busy hard tile hallway that can pick up noise from halfway across the building. Recording at home is no longer an option, so as a result, I’ve had to work during off hours at the office in order to record. Even then, the cleaning crew makes a lot of noise, so I can’t reliably record anything until after about 9pm when things tend to remain quiet. Machinima has plans to relocate several of the offices soon, so I’m hoping the recording situation gets resolved.


I’m continuing to work on both of these and hope to have the next CP episode out sometime in October.


Several of the downloadable copies of the videos keep getting deleted at random from the Machinima servers. No one has been able to give me a clear answer as to why this keeps happening and from what I can tell, restoring these only to have them get deleted again is going to be a losing battle. The good news is, the host for this website (AMT Studios) says they have tons of bandwidth, so hosting new videos here shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve since restored the links for Freeman’s Mind episodes 5,6, and 8, and Civil Protection: Halloween Safety. I’ll replace more links as they become a problem or I get around to it.

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Also I’ve been trying to get this information added for almost 2 weeks, but I think the people working on the website are having problems with it, so I’m just going to post the information here until it’s officially part of the site:


I’m no longer accepting new subtitles at this time. I plan to again at some point in the future, but I’m so far behind on updating the existing ones, piling on more is just going to overwhelm me. I still intend to support as many as I can, but I simply need to catch up on what people have already submitted first.


I’ve been emailed these particular questions many times now, here are the answers for everyone:

Q. How do you do pullups in Freeman’s Mind?
A. I have cheats enabled and have “noclip” mode assigned to a hotkey.

Q. How do you put away your weapon in Freeman’s Mind?
A. Originally I was switching to another weapon covered with invisible textures, but since then, one viewer has informed me of the command “impulse 200”, which can put away the weapon.

Q. Can I have your permission to do a new series in the Freeman’s Mind format for another game?
A. You don’t need my permission to do this. I’m not the first person to come up with the idea of putting words in other character’s mouths. I don’t plan on doing another show in the

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