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several small updates

I have several small updates and I know some of you get restless:

-I’ve started the next Freeman’s Mind episode and plan to be done in a couple days. I can’t promise when it will be released since I never know how long Machinima.com’s release pipeline takes, but I can’t imagine it will be any later than next week.

-I’ve uploaded the missing download links Machinima.com deleted for FM episodes 1,3,7, and 11. Sorry this took so long.

-Multiple volunteers are now helping me take over managing the subtitles. Right now they’re mostly responding to emails that are months old. If you’ve contacted me about making subtitles for the show before, you can hopefully expect a reply back sometime in the near future. I don’t want to accept new subtitle offers just yet, because they have a lot to sort through, but I think we’ll be able to resume full subtitle production soon.

-I’ve run into a new bug that’s holding up production on “The Tunnel.” I still want to do some more research on this, but this one is pretty bad and potentially affects all future work in the Source engine. If we can’t solve it, I’ll make an official post on it, complete with all the details and files so hopefully someone else can. For those curious, it’s related to NPCs jerking around erratically during demo playback.

-I’m surprised with how many people are interested in donating. I think I may reconsider my stance on this, but only once I get more videos made and more goodies on the website rolled out. While I like money as much as the next person, I plan to continue making videos regardless of user contributions.

-Contrary to how people may have read my last post, my life is not hell, far from it. I’m happy I’m going to be able to make progress working on some of my more ambitious ideas this year. It IS busy however. I wasn’t trying to garner sympathy in the last post, I just wanted to give a bit of a defense as to why more hasn’t been produced lately.


The next episode is done, though I don’t know when it’s going up, your guess is as good as mine. I’ve started on the next one too, so just hold on.

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