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Sound Editing Contest


Here’s another post I’ve been meaning to have for a while. While I’ve overall been quite happy with the sound editing for the different videos, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need additional help in the future. Rather than try to decide by email who is a good candidate or not for sound editing, I thought I’d arrange a small contest to let anyone take a shot at it for one of my previous videos.

For April Fool’s Day, “Diary of A Zombie” was completed just BARELY in time. Otto Beumelburg, my usual sound editor, was unavailable, so Phai Giron and I ended up doing the soundwork at the last minute, and I think the quality suffered as a result; there just wasn’t enough time to do a better job. I’d like to see a better mix made of the audio for this video, since I think it has a lot of potential in terms of the sound.
My contest is to do a complete remix of the audio for “Diary of A Zombie.” I’m releasing all the unedited, isolated tracks for you to mix as you see fit. In terms of sound editing, this video has just about everything going on. Lots of different sound sources, volume balancing, lots of positional mixing, reverb in different areas, occlusion, audio cleanup, and any additional sound effects you want to add. The goal is to make the best mix you can, by any means at your disposable. Alternately, if you’re not the best at overall sound mixing, but think you’ll be GREAT at balancing the volume on everything, go ahead and give it a try too.

You can download the source files here (includes .wav files + .avi preview for syncwork):
Sound editing files (100MB)
The rules, instructions, and guidelines for this contest are included in a text file in the download. The short version is just make the best mix you can. The deadline for this is October 1st.
I admit these are kind of lame, but hopefully people will be doing this more for the fun / interest of it than anything else.

1st place: While I cannot change the Youtube version, the downloadable copy of the video will be re-released at higher quality with your sound mix, and your name will be added to the credits of the video. You’ll also be a top candidate for additional sound editing jobs in future videos here (if you’re interested).

Runner-ups: If you do a decent job, your name will be listed when the winners are announced, plus I’ll link to any personal contact info you want (email, website, etc.). If your mix is especially good, you’ll also be considered for future Accursed Farms videos.

People who do a bad job: Nothing.

- - -

I’d wish you all good luck, except logically that doesn’t really work when there can only be one winner. So I hope everyone who works on this has some fun doing it, I’m looking forward to the entries!

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