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Soundtrack update

Since I made the last post I’ve received over a dozen offers from different composers, many of which sound very promising. I think the episode is going to turn out great with the current roster of people helping on the music end now. I kind of wish it didn’t have to be a competition for the lead slot of each scene, but maybe I can have some honorary mentions afterwards or something.

Anyway, I wanted to say that while I don’t know who will be composing what yet, based on the past work alone sent to me by composers, I think we’ll be covered for composing help. If you haven’t already contacted me, but are really keen on contributing, you can still email me and I’ll consider your music with the rest of the running, just don’t feel obligated now, I’m sure the episode will end up having great music.


In the interest of getting the episode done on time, I think I’m going to have to close the door for new composers emailing me, because I’m spending too much time on email and not enough getting the footage completed. I believe I’ve replied to everyone offering to compose music, so everything should be underway music-wise.

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