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Steam, Tracks, Trouble


Hey everyone, I have a side announcement to make. A while back modder Peter Graf contacted me for voice work on a mod he was working on in the Source engine. It’s a first person puzzle solving game where you’re guided around by a robot. It’s recently been released and you can check it out here:


I play the voice of the main robot (after being run through a synthesized filter). I wasn’t involved with the dialogue or design of this, I was just a voice actor for hire, with Peter directing me on the tone he was after for the lines. I’m embarrassed I haven’t had a chance to play the mod myself since I’ve been busy churning out my own content (next FM coming before too long!), but I can say that the creator has put a ton of effort into this, so if you like puzzles and free games, I can’t think of a reason not to check it out.

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