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Stocking Stuffer

Hey everyone, I have TWO Christmas surprises coming! Here is the first one:

This is an “outtake” from the Christmas episode for Civil Protection. I meant to release this years ago, but hadn’t gotten to around it. While I’ve dealt with countless bugs with the Source engine, this is the only one that was actually entertaining to watch. I was so surprised by it at the time I recorded a quick videoclip of it here. What’s interesting is you can see Mike’s head still tracking the location of the cameraman. You might think this bug is the result of me doing something wrong or experimental, but no. I was giving it basic instructions and the engine just decided to do whatever the hell it wanted. While Civil Protection could return eventually, scenes like this are one of hundreds of reasons I’m abandoning the Source engine for future projects.

Anyway, I’m still working on the second part of the Christmas surprise. It should hopefully be out sometime later today!

- - -

ADHD version: Outtake from Civil Protection! Another surprise coming later today!


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