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Happy Black Friday Eve everyone! With a lot of help, the store for t-shirts is now up! A big thanks goes to Sean Britton, who not only is an animator in the upcoming video and long-term movie project, but will also be running the store. If you have any questions regarding the shirts, go ahead and contact him here about it. He is in charge of all shirt-related activity, the only thing I’ve done is design the shirts and approve their final look.

Shirt prices will be about 0 before shipping (more for extra colors). We can’t get the prices much lower than that without owning our own illicit sweatshop factory, sorry. We WILL be shipping internationally, however it may be a high price for shipping overseas from America. I don’t have any control over that. We might be able to get it down in the future, that will be Sean’s department.

We are launching with 4 shirt designs, but we can have many more in the future if we get enough sales. For the FM quotes, I tried to pick ones that people might want to wear a shirt of even if they were unfamiliar with the show. I think most of these will be funny to other people whether they watch the show or not. If only 3 people buy a shirt, well, at least those 3 people were able to get a shirt. If we get enough to break even however, you can expect the following designs in the near future:

-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “Not everyone is cut out to be me”
-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “Science will thank me someday”
-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “I know almost everything”
-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “Robots are the only friends I need”
-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “Everyone is crazy except me”
-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “Caution Laser Caution Laser Caution Laser”
-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “I can now solve up to 800 problems a minute”
-Freeman’s Mind Quote: “Error 482: Somebody shot the server with a 12-gauge. Please contact your administrator”
-Civil Protection Logo (yellow on black)
-Civil Protection Logo (orange on black)
-Accursed Farms logo
-Any other video-related design that gets enough popular support

So go ahead and buy a shirt if you want!

- - - -

In other news, I’m still working non-stop to finish the next video, it will be done in a couple days, but may not go up until the end of November. Also on a personal note, I LOVE watching Black Friday mob videos, so if anybody finds or records any wild ones this year, go ahead an link in the forum or send me a link.

ADHD version: Buy a shirt!

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