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The Tunnel appendum + other stuff

Well my move was successful and I think my internet is stable again. I have several things to discuss, so I’ll list them haphazardly:


The downloadable copy is now up, though the Youtube copy one came out pretty well this time. At least with this version you won’t have to watch it split up. Here are some links:


Youtube part 1

Youtube part 2


1280x720 WMV (344MB)

Also this may have been mentioned already, but at the end of the video, Craig isn’t actually talking in Bulgarian, but in some Hungarian phrases he knew.


While it does seem stable, I’ve been told by the host for the site and the people who developed the forums that there are some problems still occurring where it will really spike in terms of CPU usage for the server. I’m honestly clueless when it comes to this. If you’re familiar with PHP and might be able to lend some assistance looking over the code or have ideas as to what’s happening, please email me and I’ll try and direct you to the right people working on it.

I was originally planning to launch the subtitles section by now, but that may not be a good idea until the current problems with it get resolved.


I’ve had a lot of roles filled, but I have two left. One person had to bail, the other I never got enough applications for:

1. American Black Male, age from mid 20s to early 40s - Same role mentioned on the site earlier, just looking for some with a general African-American accent.

2. Female With Eastern European Accent, age 20s to 30s - If you’re a woman and can talk in an Eastern European accent, you have a good chance of getting the part.

Both roles will require some shouting. If you think you can do either of these roles convincingly, email me at [email protected].
Finally, I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments yet, but I plan to reply to them, get more involved in the forum, and *slowly* start responding more to my enormous backlog of emails.

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