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"The Tunnel" Maps Released

This is just a quick post before the video release tomorrow. I’ve received some requests from a few people wanting copies of the maps used in “Civil Protection: The Tunnel.” I only made the one outside The Tunnel (from Shadow of A Doubt). The rest (and edits to mine) were created by Andrew “Nicadeamas” Dehnart. If you use any elements of these maps in any of your projects you must include him in the credits somewhere.

These maps are unsupported, don’t ask me for help on them, I didn’t bother organizing them. There are some random test maps in here too. They weren’t meant to be playable maps, just used for shots in the video. They were mostly created for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (though the outdoors one was in Episode 1, otherwise the grass looked screwed). A lot of them use assets from other games / mods (Zombie Panic, Fortress Forever, Counter Strike Source, Dark Messiah, etc.). Honestly this stuff is a mess to go through, but if people really want it, they can dig through it. Here’s the link:

All maps for The Tunnel (7z archive)


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