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Trailer mess

Things are a mess at the moment, but I should probably give a news update. I was recently asked by Machinima.com to make a trailer for “The Tunnel” since it’s not going to come out before Halloween because of everything else I’ve been doing. I surely agreed, as this is going to be a long episode and I thought I could make a trailer without spoiling much. I ended up having very little notice on this however and ran into some bugs, so I did everything humanely possible to get this out in time (I worked about 32 hours between Monday and Tuesday night). Unfortunately this wasn’t fast enough and Machinima wanted it released TODAY, so this comes at a sizeable expense to the quality. I’ve never rushed anything out the door this fast and I can say right now this is not going to happen again. I compromised because I can live with a trailer being subpar, but I would never allow this for a full episode.

Anyway, it is available on Youtube now, but I don’t want to link to it, since the audiowork should be finished for it before too long and the final one should create a better impact. The version that’s out there now has no sound effects and consists only of Half-Life music that I arranged in about 10 minutes. The “good” one will have sound effects and hopefully some custom music composed for it. It will be available on Machinima.com and here when it is. I’ll make a new post when that’s done. I don’t want to discuss anything about the trailer until the good one is out, so I’m not answering any questions related to it or the episode right now, I’ll give the details on everything once it’s out (hopefully quite soon). I just wanted to give an update for people wondering what was happening. Watch it now if you really want to, though I recommend waiting a day or two for the better version.

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