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Unepic Audition Small Contest

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on many different things since I’ve left Machinima.com, well here’s one of my failed attempts. Several weeks back, one of the viewers informed me of a voice acting audition for the game “Unepic.” I contacted the developers and they sent me a giant script of all the lines, and was told I could apply for as many as I wanted. I applied for several different roles, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut. I found out however, that I was a finalist for the lead role, and was the #2 pick (although maybe they tell everyone that). Anyway, for those that are curious, I’m posting all the takes I submitted to them:

Audition for “Unepic” 3.8MB ZIP (contains MP3s)

- - -


As a consolation prize for participating in the audition, I was also given a key for a free copy of the game. I’m currently way behind on games I want to play, plus I’ve already had this spoiled a bit by seeing the script, so I thought I would give it away instead. If you want to try and win a free copy of the game, go ahead and post a screenshot from any game you want in the forum thread (link below). They should be real screenshots from a real game, not a faked one made in Photoshop. I’ll give this contest a week or two, whoever posts the screenshot I like the best will win a copy of the game. Alternately, you can email me with the subject “SCREENSHOT” and send me a link to your screenshot instead. To keep people from going insane, I’ll put a limit of 3 screenshots per person.

More news coming soon!


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