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update / need help again

Well due mainly to a bunch of requests I’ve gotten to continue Freeman’s Mind, I guess I will continue it afterall. While I understand it’s not everybody, it seems a good chunk of people like it more than I would have expected. I still plan to continue on Civil Protection and focus on that primarily, but this will be nice to release in between the times it’s taking so long to get a CP episode out. Unfortunately I’m not working on either right now, I have other work I have to take care of first, but plant to get back to the series soon.

In the meantime, I could still use help on the webpage for any of you that are familiar with blogspot. I had one guy helping me who vanished, and another guy is helping me now, saying an additional person would be good too. So if you know all about html/blogspot, send me an email at [email protected] . Also while I was planning to do it myself, I won’t have a lot of time to work on the graphics for the site (buttons, banner, etc.) If you do graphic design and want to help work on the layout of the new webpage, email me too. I may want to see samples of your work however. That’s all for now, I’ll put another post up when I’ve resumed working on the series again.

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