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Video encoding experiment

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I’m getting close to deciding on a format in the future for the videos, and I’ll probably go with either MKV or MP4, since both of those formats can utilize the x264 codec, which offers some of the best quality to size ratios out there. Before I make anything official however, I wanted to essentially “beta test” the new formats.

My biggest concern about .MKV or .MP4 is that in the past I’ve seen the footage stutter or become choppy under certain players. It’s my hope that this is the result of people encoding it in a less compatible manner, so I’m trying to make my as kosher as possible.

If you have time and bandwidth to kill, I’d like your help testing this out. I’ve uploaded some clips from Civil Protection that contain scenes with smooth-scrolling motion. This should make it easy to see if there’s any stuttering during playback. In addition to .MP4 and .MKV I’ve also uploaded a copy of the same footage in Xvid .AVI and .WMV for comparison. If you notice any stuttering in one format, but do NOT see it in another, I’d like to know. Preferably leave a forum post, or you can email me. Including information like your OS, any codecs installed, and what player you were using would be helpful. You don’t have to contact me if it stutters in none of the clips or all of them. In those cases, nothing can be determined specific to the format. Here are the clips:

1280x720 Test clip MP4 (70MB)

1280x720 Test clip MKV (70MB)

1280x720 Test clip AVI (125 MB)

1280x720 Test clip WMV (172MB)

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