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Videos on hold

I was hoping my next post on here would be a new episode, but unfortunately that’s not happening. Last week I found out by accident that Machinima.com is planning to change the terms of their contract with me. This may jeopardize every video I’ve released so far and all future ones. Or it may not. I’ve been finding it difficult to get an answer either way and the only thing I know right now is that I won’t have an answer before the start of 2013 at the earliest. I can’t give any more specifics than this because of contract reasons, but this situation has been frustrating the hell out of me, because until I have this resolved, I can’t release any more videos and I’m sure people are waiting on more.

Just so you know, episode 45 of Freeman’s Mind is DONE. I’ll probably be done with episode 46 before I hear anything from Machinima.com again. I promise I’ll do everything I can to get these out as soon as I can without having legal action taken against me or losing all rights to the videos.

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