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Website Launched!

Welcome to the new website! If nothing crashes, this is where all future news on Civil Protection and Freeman’s Mind will appear from now on. There’s a few things here I’d like to go over:

While this page is still a little bare, this will be updated in time as several people are working on transcribing or translating episodes. I plan to support as many subtitles for the series as I’m able.

There is nothing here yet because I’ve been focusing on getting the next episode finished, but eventually this section will contain scripts, alternate shots, outtakes, some unused music, and anything else extra related to the series.

There will be a delay from when your comments appear due to how the site is set up. I plan to change this so people can register and make comments without needing moderation, but in the meantime bear with us if they’re slow to appear.

I’m sorry to say this site does not have RSS functionality yet. I’m aware many of you use this on the old blogspot site and it is something that was planned for this site, however I’ve been told it will take a long time to code in this future, so I didn’t want to delay the launch on account of this. I’m sorry if this is a step down for you compared to the blogspot site, but it won’t always be this way. I DO hope to implement this in the future and it will be one of the top priorities for changes to the site.

Finally, the vast majority of the website was created by Mike Southworth and some assistance from Jerry Bramst

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