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Will the real Ross Scott please stand up?

Hey everyone, I have some news to bring up. There’s a user on Youtube that’s been hosting copies of the Freeman’s Mind videos without permission with the user name “FreemanMind.” Just so everyone knows, this is not me. While I can live with a doppleganger of myself floating around, what I have a problem with is apparently he’s been sending out this email to his subscribers:

If you want to see more episodes please donate some money to develop the channel
WEBMONEY: wmid: 997662107645 OR Z404399251838
PAYPAL: email: [email protected]


I can only hope no one has been tricked by this, but with about 7500 subscribers to his channel, I’m sure someone has. I have never asked for money from viewers, I’m happy people even watch the videos. I have set up the donation page because I had so many requests for it, but even on that I clearly state there is no obligation to donate, that money is going towards helping the movie project along. If my situation ever got so dire that I wasn’t able to keep up with food and rent, the most I would ask from anyone would be for room and board from somebody. I’m sure at least one of you has a farm. I can chop wood and dig ditches and stuff.

Anyway, I’m going to try to shut this guy down since this is just scamming people in my name, I just wanted make an announcement in the meantime.

Also in other news, the mystery video I think will be going up on Monday and I’ll begin working on the next FM episode tomorrow.


Machinima.com has since taken down this guy on Youtube.

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