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All questions answered (sort of)! In addition to my first Youtube video appearance, this is an update for just about everything I have planned for 2015 and beyond. I was hoping to have this video out about 2 weeks ago, but all the little things ended up taking me a lot longer than I planned. While I tried to add some humor, this video is largely informative more than anything else. I cover so much in this video, I ended up providing bookmark links so you can jump straight to different topics (they’re in the Youtube description). Anyway, I’m making no promises, but I hope to have multiple videos out for next month. I’d say more, but really this video covers just about everything (for now).

ADHD version: See what Ross looks like! Ross is making more videos.

I completely forgot to add that I’m also interested in any offers from pixel-art artists. I’d like to have more variety with the titles for Game Dungeon, so I could potentially showcase more art in the show once I figure out what I’m doing. Go ahead and email me if you’re interested in this.


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