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Well Noesis has given me the go-ahead to release the supplemental video to go with the tutorial, so here it is:

low quality (Youtube)
medium quality (86MB WMV)

It’s a short comedy about a gas station in space with a variety of characters. The goal here was to create something funny using a whole range of the custom models Noesis already had available. Since they ranged from a skeleton and a dwarf to a robot and alien I tried to come up with an environment weird enough so that they wouldn’t all seem out of place. I think it worked, I almost look at this as a video casserole.  Anyway, I hope you like it, and when the tutorial is done you’ll hopefully be able to learn how we made this.

We’re still planning one or two more promotional videos for the tutorial, though this is the main one. Meanwhile I’ll still be working on the tutorial itself, so for better or worse, everything else is going to be on hold until then.
tened out.

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