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May update on campaign to stop killing games

Here are some more updates on the campaign. The Australian petition is ending very soon, there are some new details on the UK petition + consumer action, and there will be a significant announcement on EU law on the 27th, I’ll have more details later.

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Looks like the UK front in the campaign is buggered - the government's called a general election and is closing all petitions months early as a result (which doesn't logically follow at all, of course; unaddressed problems don't automatically solve themselves whenever you change leadership), so there seems no chance of reaching the required number of signatures in time now, or even of having anything happen as a result if we do because the government might dissolve shortly afterwards anyway, which apparently clears the board of all work-in-progress?  I'd guess you'll have to wait out the result of the general election, then start a whole new petition to whoever's in charge after that.  My country isn't the worst in the world, but sometimes, and far more often than I'm comfortable with, it just sucks so bad when it comes to Kafkaesque systemic problems like this.

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