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Hear the truth about 3D! I’ve had very mixed feelings about 3D stuff for a long time now and haven’t heard any sharing my views, most people seem polarized on it one way or the other; so I wanted to set the record straight as I see it. This may become part of a larger “Ross Rants” series where I pick topics that I really have a lot to say about (and are worth talking about) and go at it. People are welcome to suggest topics they’d like to hear me tear apart as well.

This video is coming about a week later than I intended it to since just about everything that could have gone wrong, did. I had to redo the entire recording session, I learned horrible secrets about my camcorder, and getting games from 15 years ago to run ended up being a lengthy challenge in some cases. If I do continue this series, I doubt I’ll have as many visual aides as are in this video, but I do hope to improve the video quality in the future. As it stands, I look more like a Star Wars hologram than anything.


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