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Stranger In Need


(Downloadable copy will be up later)

Here’s a new video that was meant to be simple, but I ended up spending entirely too much time on it. This was made for a film festival that Machinima.com contacted me about, saying that if I made a video for this, it would open up a portal to a new universe and humanity would transcend into a state of pure energy. The festival isn’t over yet, so I’m not sure how accurate their claims are, but either way, it was an excuse to make a new video. Part of the rules for the festival were that the video could not be part of an existing series, like CP or FM, so this is something else.

I’m expecting this video to be hit or miss with people. If you like surreal or mysterious stuff, then this should be right up your alley. If you’re expecting jokes or explosions every 10 seconds, then probably not. Personally I’m very happy with how this came out, it might be my own favorite of the videos I’ve done so far. The atmosphere is pretty much just how I wanted it and the voice acting and sound are great. I recommend watching it full screen in a dark room and not turning it off once the credits start.

This is the first video I’ve made in Source Filmmaker and will also be one of the last. I was originally going to attempt this using the Unreal 3 engine, but I wasn’t able to get enough functionality from the ported models in time, so the video was made in Source instead. As a result, this video just BARELY got done before deadline. For every advantage SFM has, it also has a shortcoming compared to Source SDK and the whole experience just strengthens my resolve to stop animating any videos in the Source engine. If you look for them, I’m sure you’ll see lots of flaws with the animation in this video. I’m fully aware of all the shortcomings, it was simply the best I was able to do by the final deadline. I may make some small improvements for the downloadable copy later, I haven’t decided yet. In terms of animation, I think it needed a few days more of polishing, but the vast majority of people will only see the online copy anyway.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy the video, this is the LAST one I’m going to animate in any form of the Source engine (not counting FM). I’ll still keep making videos, but Source is hell.

- - -

You can vote for this video in the festival, but as I understand it, you can only do so via twitter, and then there will be a judge panel to decide who has the best vote (I am not making this up). What happens if a video gets the most or “best” votes? I DON’T KNOW. My guess is this.


Looks like my 36 hour sleep deprivation paid the price on the credits and I made a typo with the name of the LEAD VOICE ACTOR. It should be Kamran Nikhad, not “Karman.” It will get corrected on the downloadable copy.

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