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Well believe it or not, I was hoping to have this video done mid-Sunday instead of right before Christmas. I’m afraid this video isn’t really related to Christmas, it’s just a coincidence with the timing. This episode turned out especially long, but that’s because there was a lot I wanted to cover about this game. This game is damn unique, I haven’t seen anything like it since. While it has enough problems with it that I wouldn’t actually recommend it to anyone, if you’ve ever been disappointed how formulaic many games can get, this is the clear other end of the spectrum and is more memorable for me than the vast majority of other games I’ve played. I knew when I started RGD I’d definitely want to cover this game. The Voyager satellite has a plate with engravings on it to give a representation of humanity to potential alien life. I think if we gave a copy of Eternam to aliens, they would learn everything they need to know about humanity.



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