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Well I had intended for this episode to be shorter and less edited than the last one, but that didn’t happen as I had too many things to say about this game. Here’s the next installment of RGD either way. This is a very noteworthy and deceptive game as you’ll find out in the review. I’m really going to try and make the next one shorter.

In a decision I’m sure will upset some people, while it’s been time consuming, I am enjoying working on the game dungeon (I would have called this show The Game Dungeon if that wouldn’t have doomed the name to obscurity trying to search for it) and I’d like to continue pushing with it to Halloween. It’s my goal to get two more episodes out this month, with a special one being released on Halloween. This unfortunately means Freeman’s Mind will have to get put on hold, but only until November. I promise to resume work on it on November 1st. In the meantime, hey, more videos!


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