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Enjoy the first Christmas episode of Ross’s Game Dungeon! If you’re like me and you get sick of overly-sentimental content around Christmas time, then I think you’ll like this episode. You’re not going to get lots of heart warming affirmations for this video, instead, you’re going to have some intense snowmobiling in a game loaded with enigmas.

Besides recording a racing game, it was a serious race for me to make this on top of finishing off Freeman’s Mind this month, but I wanted to make a Christmas episode and didn’t want to miss my chance two years in a row. At first I had massive problems getting it to run and almost considering doing a different game, but didn’t think I had time for my other candidates. Also despite being shorter than some other episodes, this one might have taken the most editing work so far. No worries though, I wouldn’t have made this if I didn’t think I could finish Freeman’s Mind in under a week. Even if the assistance I’m getting disappears and my computer catches on fire, I’ll still get it made. I’m not prepared for a meteor strike, but anything less and I should be alright.

I think I’m slowly getting better at cutting down Game Dungeon to just the best parts as there were several parts I left out of this one to try and make it more concise. Here are some extra notes you might want to check out after watching video.

Extra things I could have said, but didn’t :

-The game is actually capped at 29.1fps, this isn’t a standard framerate for anything.
-The menus default to 640x480 and can’t be changed.
-I considered having a slow motion snowmobile wreck set to “o come all ye faithful”
-I love the body language of the real life snowmobiler shown in the video. He gets off the sled like a cartoon character.
-This is a game that really would have benefitted from ragdoll physics.
-At one point I caught the computer teleporting ahead of me, but didn’t have it on video. I also spotted the computer teleporting outside the track briefly.
-An alternative theory to Point Defiance’s timeline is that Mobygames doesn’t have enough damn information and I got confused since they don’t even acknowledge the existence of my copy of the game. That still doesn’t explain the 6 year gap in between the song release.
-I may have been a little hard calling Point Defiance’s music generic. It’s good, just not mind blowing (though Precious Burden is particularly good).
-Point Defiance actually Photoshopped out their old band member in their promo photos. It wasn’t me!
-The files also had a “concept sled” model, but they would crash the game
-There was one additional track I didn’t show, but it was just an indoor stadium. It probably would have added about 3 hours to the total processing time.
-I had an idea for game developers. Make a knockoff of this game, but in addition to normal racers, have lots of Christmas or winter themed snowmobilers. I would add Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, an elf, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, a reindeer, a moose, a polar bear, and the old “New Year’s Eve” man. I would make the graphics semi-believable for the full effect as opposed to going a cartoon route. It would also be awesome if Santa could do a biker kick.

- - -
ADHD version: Snowmobiles!


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