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Here’s the next game dungeon! This is the oldest game covered on the show so far, going back to 1984. I still intend to cover some more modern games, they’re just not on the top of my list. Due to its age, you may not want to watch this episode in full screen unless you sit a good distance from the screen, the resolution is low enough that it’s a bit overwhelming up close.

I’m glad I didn’t announce when this episode was going to go up, since I honestly thought I was going to have it done last weekend with another one coming up now. That totally did not happen. Unfortunately the next episode is going to be delayed further as I’m going to be gone from the 12th to the 15th on spy business. This means I won’t have replies to anything until Monday at the earliest. I hope to type up replies to many, MANY emails during that time however and send them once I get back.

Finally, if you didn’t get your fill of pigeons and classy music playing watching this video, be sure to check out my old short, Pigeon Hunter.


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