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  1. ThatSmartGuy Actually China successfully tested it's first nuclear bomb in 1964 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Republic_of_China_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction) Mao ruled China until 1976 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mao_Zedong) So he had roughly 12 years to push the button, yet he didn't. Why? Because he was so humane? Obviously not the guy is responsible for millions of deaths. He didn't do it because he knew that if he started a war there would be a retaliation and everyone (including him) would die and even if there was no retaliation most probably the earth would have been rendered unlivable and everyone (including him) would die. Mutual assured destruction is what prevented the Cold War from escalating. It's the reason why Kim Jong-il will never push the red button.
  2. I guess .mp4 would be good for mac users. Other than that I don't really care about formats. I think releasing all CP episodes in 1080p would be awesome though.
  3. When he slides out of the pipe and mentions that he has hit the rock bottom he is actually at the rock bottom at the time so I think that's the pun.
  4. "The raptured rusty rods reveal a rift"
  5. Awesome episode as always, loved The Stripper's Dilemma.
  6. What you guys are experiencing is called The Five Stages of Grief. Let me illustrate: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Of course some are at the different stage than others, but in general we’ll all go through those stages until we accept the simple truth: someday Machinima will release the FM 33 and no matter what we do we won’t be able to change that date.
  7. The best CP episode so far, absolutely worth the wait and most probably the best machinima I have ever seen in my life. Great story, great visuals and brilliant suspense. Slow pacing of the storyline development definitely adds to the suspense and kind of reminds me of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, too.
  8. Follow the dead body road, follow the dead body road... someone should make a full song about following the dead body road.
  9. Light at the end of "The Tunnel". Awesome.
  10. From Episode 14: "Don't look at me. You're not worthy and its better you know your place in life." I would totally wear a t-shirt with that.
  11. or maybe he'll get both of his ears pierced and become a punk-rocking gay pirate.
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