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  1. Sorry to hear the New Year is starting out rough for you. Hope you feel better soon!
  2. I think this was the best Halloween episode yet =) Am I the only one who thought the backgrounds in this game were gorgeous? Maybe it's just nostalgia for textures of yore, or maybe developers and artists back then knew how to frame a shot, play with perspective, and make the most of what they had. I tried looking up information about the remake, but didn't find much outside of the main website (Here).
  3. Would anyone mind if I created a sort of graph (spectrum) using covers of the music people have posted? That way we could really get a good feel of the kind of music Gen Z (or just the Accursed Farm's audience) listens to. Besides, I love sorting
  4. Great video - last game I expected Ross to review Commented my thoughts throughout the video, but I'll repeat it here: ~40 Minutes of Ross vs. a game I despise Every character in this game looks like a default sim from the Sims 4. It's so distracting. And what's with these whippersnappers and their crazy hair? I guess I'm in the right demographic for the 'homework' question, so... Indie djent, prog metal, math rock, stoner rock and just guitar in general. I personally love Pomegranate Tiger's latest album and anything by And So I Watch You From Afar. However, I'm an outlier. For others in my generation, chiptune and videogame soundtracks are very popular, but my only frame of reverence is the internet and I generally listen to the most obscure stuff on the planet. If it was 2012 I would have put dubstep for sure, but it seems to lost its popularity among Gen Z. ETA: Wait, Musical.ly exists. Forget anything good I ever said about my generation. I'm actually really glad Ross did a video on this game. It's good to know I'm not the only one who can't stand it. ETA: I guess since others are doing it, I'll add a little list. Other good stuff:
  5. Um, I know this is late but here's the playlist of the soundtrack: I didn't know the location themes, so I just improvised with the names. Thanks again for getting the music!
  6. I love this episode, but the game just looks so ugly. I wonder if the company who made it had some spare assets sitting around from uncompleted projects and just mashed them together to make this game. Thanks! I sorted through all the files to get the music only, I think I got most of them (some ambience may be included): https://mega.nz/#!8XIVRIRb!1LvWjDYfeZzufbsMVv4uO360lYqgkfc4q9AMLqsnheo The original wav files read as 350kbps at first, but it turns out the bitrate is much lower on most songs. I converted it to flac (probably should have done ogg or mp3) so it won't be as big. Cool! Thanks so much for this. On the same note, I have a Youtube channel specifically for obscure music. Would it be alright if I uploaded the soundtrack? I'll give credit, and I think it's important to archive forgotten stuff like this (which is one reason I love the Game Dungeon so much).
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