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  1. Spoiler talk for this game's story:
  2. I dunno if Ross ever actually reads these (simply because he's busy with other important stuff), but one game I really would like to see him tackle would generally be classified under a "Marmite Game" ("love-it-or-hate-it"): The Silver Case, written, designed and directed by Goichi "Suda51" Suda (of "Killer7" and "No More Heroes" fame) and developed by his company Grasshopper Manufacture. Originally a 1999 Japan-only PlayStation 1 release, it eventualy got a full-blown 2016 PC and PS4 remaster which was co-developed by Active Gaming Media. It's available on Steam and other digital download PC game sites, and there's even a free demo to try out! It's basically a cross between a first-person 3D graphic adventure game (i.e. Myst) and a visual novel -- the gameplay mostly takes a backseat to the story, and there's a lot of story here. The basic gist is that you play as a group of hard-boiled cops and detectives in Tokyo, trying to solve a murder mystery in which a killer who was presumed dead is inexplicably back. And the reason for this killer's seeming return from the dead has to do with some sort of supernatural stuff, but not quite the sort-of supernatural stuff you'd expect. (It's not really that similar to Twin Peaks, however, despite sharing many similarities.) There's far more to it than that, though, given that it also provides sociopolitical, psychological and philosophical commentary within this framework as well - which may or may not be to your liking. qFM64m4RAPw The Silver Case is actually a part of an "unoffical trilogy" (but it's really more like an unofficial heptalogy) of Suda's games called "Kill The Past", which shares numerous characters, themes and traits with one another (specifically, how Suda uses supernatural elements as a vehicle for said sociopolitical, psychological and philosophical commentary). Unfortunately, most of them are console only, but there's been talk of ports/remasters for the PC by Suda for a few of these games. The specific Suda games people usually site in this "trilogy" are as follows: I should warn you right now about two things regarding TSC: 1. Nearly all of the KTP games I've mentioned, including TSC, operate under Ross mentioned in his RofH review,2. The translation/localization for TSC, despite all its polish, seems to be pretty rough. In any case, it'd be interesting (and very likely humorous) to see what Ross would say about Suda's work - positive or negative!
  3. At 9:35, the subtitle "['Did you speak with the Plumbers Local Union 101?']" should be "['This is Pete from the Plumbers Local Union 101!']". And at 23:25, "I guess, why are we shocked, bears." should be "I guess; 'Why are we–' 'Shut up! Bears!' ".
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