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  1. @Ross Scott Jasper, the creator of that noclip site you mentioned near the end, made a comment on your video regarding the feasibility of your idea. It might be best if you responded directly to them in the YouTube comments section, but here's a copy of said comment for prosperity's sake:
  2. 1. The SatAM cartoon came first; albeit if I recall correctly, the Archie Sonic comics and SatAM were developed concurrently with one another. (Also, SatAM was initially the only cartoon DIC was to produce of Sonic, until ABC shenanigans somewhat forced them to split their cartoon into SatAM and AoStH.) Also, Penders didn't write for the Archie Sonic comics until much later on in it's early life. 2. Most of the Sonic Cult actually hates and rejects Ken Penders, and for good reason: He's a gross piece of shit, and an infamous scumfuck. And this is just scratching the surface of the iceburg that is Penders, believe you me.
  3. I'm pretty sure that whole thing irt "Sony forcing SEGA to port Heroes on the PS2" is a baseless rumor (and was created to defend Heroes as a game); as far as I can tell, Heroes was always meant to be on the GameCube, [OG] Xbox and the PlayStation 2 - if this and this are of any indication. I think the PS2 ports were just rushed or poorly implemented on their own terms (especially given other Renderware engine titles that were also multiplatform).
  4. Sonic games have always had visible checkpoints you needed to physically touch, so I don't know where your complaint lies here. Should they have made the checkpoint itself in Heroes wider or bigger? Probably, but it's right in your face, even if Ross completely skipped it quite a few times. I never had a problem touching those checkpoints myself even when I played Heroes as a kid, so. I will concede that Heroes' rail grinding mechanics (more specifically, it's rail switching mechanics) are rather crap. However: 1. You're comparing the rail grinding mechanics of a 17+ year old game by devs who, regardless of their talent or lack thereof, may have been crunching to get the game off, to a modern game with better time and budget and a better handle on game design due to years of experience. 2. Ratchet and Clank's rail grinding mechanics are more automated than that of Sonic's. From what I can see of the video example, you don't really control the speed or momentum of how fast you grind, unlike in most Sonic games that feature rails. 3. More importantly, later Sonic games would handle rail grinding (and specifically rail switching) much better, as early as fuckin' Shadow the Hedgehog. (06 doesn't count, obviously.)
  5. You... do know there's an unofficial Sonic 06 PC "remake"/"remaster" called "P-06" that attempts to fix the game as best as it can, right? I feel that's better than just grafting 06 (Adventure-esque gameplay) onto a different gameplay style (Boost (Unleashed, Colors, Generations) gameplay).
  6. I kinda get where TGC's coming from when it comes to Heroes, tbqh. I myself kinda struggled with liking Heroes (and indeed, other games such as Shadow the Hedgehog); albeit for me it was less because of the new action-ish gameplay and team mechanic (even if the two were rather subpar and could've used tweaking/added more "Sonic-y" elements) and more due to the many, many bugs and glitches I came across with where stuff just. Wouldn't. Work properly. (This was especially an issue in another game of Sonic Team's, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.) Also, I'd generally like people to try to form their own opinions instead of trying to take others' opinions at face value.
  7. https://gamebanana.com/guis/35818 The creator of the widescreen Heroes mod I linked to used Flash and then exported the graphics to something readable by Heroes' engine for the mod. The original devs likely used other programs to create the graphics.
  8. Sonic Heroes was released in December 2003, in a time where people were mosting using [CRT] 4:3 resolution TV/computer monitors. Yes, there were some widescreen monitors at this time, and yes, some games even before that time did have widescreen support -- but in most cases, especially in regard to the latter, those were the exceptions and not the rule. Even during the late 2000s, when widescreen TVs were getting more and more commonplace, it took a while specifically in the USA for widescreen as a regular format to be more commonplace (some TV shows had to be editted from widescreen to a 4:3 aspect ratio, for example). It was what it was, and there wasn't much we could do about it.
  9. Also, in regards to a Heroes PC widescreen mod, there was actually this mod that works a lot better that was released just one month/a few weeks before your review, so I don't blame you for not noticing it at the time of you recording your footage.
  10. Yo @Ross Scott, I'm real happy for 'ya and imma let you finish, but The Geek Critique already created the best Sonic Heroes review of all time!* ...But in all seriousness, as something of a Sonic Cultist myself (but also a general game player who's played good games in general): In regards to the camera jerking, the automated sections sometimes not working correctly, not being able to judge 3D space in the levels, homing attack not working correctly, that one section in BINGO Highway, the issues pulling the switch in Final Fortress, rail switching not working sometimes, completely falling off a cliff, etc. ... It's not just you not being a Sonic fan or having Gaming Dementia. I can tell you right now: The game is rather glitchy and overall just... kinda sucks. And despite you playing the PC version, these issues were there even on the original console versions; given that I played the Gamecube version wayback as a kid and ran into most of those same problems as well. (I even had to do that exact Tails trick you pulled to get through that final giant laser in Final Fortress.) So you probably should've given this your "Love & Hate" award. * I'd actually really recommend you watch TGC's reviews/retrospectives on Adventure 1, 2 (Battle), Sonic '06 and Shadow whenever you get the chance, Ross. They kinda give you an idea of what happened during the "Adventure Era" of the Sonic series development-wise.
  11. At 9:35, the subtitle "['Did you speak with the Plumbers Local Union 101?']" should be "['This is Pete from the Plumbers Local Union 101!']". And at 23:25, "I guess, why are we shocked, bears." should be "I guess; 'Why are we–' 'Shut up! Bears!' ".
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