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This game is a lot like "This or that?", except you name actions instead of nouns. The idea is to answer the previous post's question, then make an incredibly hard dilemma for the next person to answer. Feel free to elaborate on why you chose said answer as well. :mrgreen:



OP: Would you rather eat broccoli or spinach?


Poster 1: I'd rather eat spinach. It worked on Popeye, why not me?

Would you rather die in a fire or be subjected to 10 consecutive weeks of Chinese water torture?


Poster 2: I'd rather die in a fire. I'm an aquaphobe.

Would you rather be socially awkward or popular yet undeniably stupid?


And so on and so forth.


I'll start it off. Would you rather play every video game based on a movie ever or never play video games again?

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