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Funding Freeman's Mind through Subbable?

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First of all I'd like to say I'm not associated with Subbable, despite this being my first post. I've watched this series since somewhere around Episode 30, but never had any reason to join the forums until now. I know Ross has been having trouble finding funds, and I'm not even sure if this would bring him any sort of significant amount of money, but here you go.


Subbable was just launched today by Hank and John Green, known for their YouTube channel "vlogbrothers", among others. The idea is that you pay a certain amount of money per month (or just once) to a creator or creators of your choosing. It's a simple way to reward content creators, etc. etc.


What's the benefit for Ross, as well as the community? For Ross, money (duh). For those who choose to follow/donate to Freeman's Mind, Ross can give you rewards in a similar manner. This could be signed posters, a DVD with the episodes, getting new episodes a day early, or just Ross recording a line of your choosing, I have no idea. That's up to him. You also, potentially, get more episodes more frequently since Ross isn't busy panhandling on the streets.


I realize that there's already a donation page on this site, but this is a more convenient way of doing it for users and may get more people to see. The vlogbrothers community is rather generous and some may donate just because, or be able to find your content through Subbable.


I was wondering if this would be worth it and if anyone would actually be willing to donate through this system?


Here's the URL: https://subbable.com/.

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So it's basically a kickstarter clone?


No. The biggest comparison I can make is that it's a sort of public-radio format, except for youtube. Kickstarter/clones are paying in advance to fund a future project. This is a way to pay creators for the content they create, instead of them having to rely on ads.


Ross's biggest opponent to this would be the small audience. While it's a good idea in theory, it needs mass behind it (or VERY generous donors) for it to work. Aside from that, if I were the Green brothers, I'd put something on the end of the channel owner saying that they would have to release something annually in return, something that Ross, from my understanding, is reluctant to do, despite awesome content coming out as a result (see: Machinima film fest entry and episode 48).


So in this particular scenario, I don't think it'd be the right idea.

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Honestly, I think this would be a great thing for Ross to do - definitely look into it (Although I'm not sure if it would conflict contractually with his TGWTG thing)

My only confusion about the site would be about time limits. If a project dies, will the site itself shut down the page and cancel all subscriptions to it? If a project stops receiving support will they have a limited amount of time to keep the page up or will it exist indefinitely? Are they going to allow you to put a time limit on your subscription to a project?

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