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Working on Spiritual Nyet 3 Successor.

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I am working closely with a good friend of mine on creating a spiritual successor to Nyet 3! So far the foundation is nearly done, and I’m here for any suggestions for what to have in the game as a whole, and to ask if anyone here could lend a helping hand.


I personally have been using a court case as to avoid any copyrighted aspects of Tetris, and to only use the bare minimum. (Which in this case is just the pieces!) I believe it could be argued fair use, and parody use to all the absurd changes made and different objectives the game has when compared to vanilla Tetris.


Currently the plan is to have the following levels for a vertical spice demo of the project for people to test and provide comments.


1) Blocks do not fall when a line is cleared.


2) The falling block spins rapidly, changing into another block. (Tetris pieces only)


3) Fog of War vision (Small circular vision)


4) Pentrix pieces. (5 Pieces instead of Tetris)


5) Randomised Key Input.


6) All previous effects happening at once.


So far those are the levels picked, there are more ideas we had but currently I’m wanting to get the demo and foundation finished first before moving onto more elaborate gimmicks and twists. Now here are the store items planned:




— Clock Smasher – Allows player to pause and unpause once

— Swap to Random Piece

— Swap to Line Piece

— Australian Keyboard - Useful for when your keyboard is malfunctioning. However left is right, and right is left...

— Save Game Floppy Disk

— Glow in the Dark Paint – Paints all blocks on the board with a greenish hue, will stay glowing.


So far that is all the store will have at the moment. Open to ideas and such!


the reason I am coming to let everyone know about this project is well... two reasons:


1) Figured y’all would be interested.

2) Could use some help.


So far it is just me, and my friend working on this project. If anyone is who wants to help is good with C# (Engine is Unity 2D), pixel art, etc. and wants to join please message me! (I typically use Discord. Ndo360#9862 )


I’ll be posting some screenshots soon, hope to hear some thoughts soon!

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