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Australia's National Film and Sound Archive is now preserving videogames

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yeah i don't know, i have doubts about how useful this is, they are probably very picky, and i wouldn't be surprised if you weren't even allowed to get a copy of the games in the first place, to me that just kinda limits the potential of the whole thing, if you can't access the damn things you wanted to play with in the first place


this article is also complete garbage, it's just "news" i could get from google, it's literally just a barebones announcement, it doesn't tell me anything about this archive project, jeez that's some lazy journalism, i was hoping for somehing more in depth from something called "pc gamer", but this might as well not even be a news article


anyway redump + waybackmachine are probably doing a better job at archiving games more than anyone else, plus any other groups which archive games as a whole, but those are too damn scattered, i wish we had one place, for everything - i wish archivals could serve the public first, not a bunch of pretend historians though


it's pointless to recover all the toys, if you just lock them up in a closet - what is this, a prison?


remember people, the best archivist is YOU - you choose what songs, and games make it alive in the future, nobody else does


if you didn't back it up, it might as well be lost forever, IT MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD - don't assume that just because you have a copy, that someone else is also going to back it up, or you'll end up in tears five decades from now

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