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Been a huge fan of the series ever since the original Age of Wonders game.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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This game isn't, but there have been 3 Age of Wonders games previously... All were excellent IMO.

Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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Ugh, this game was really hard to get into. I think I dropped it not even one turn in, everything about it just screams boring to me, I don't know.


I spent most of my time alt tabbed, and I was kinda dreading playing the actual the game, I think I probably wasted more time in the menus, but nothing about this game was really clicking with me. I liked the fact that, apparently your units are a bunch of criminal convicts, but why was that tucked away into some hidden flavour text, why not represent that in the game instead? You know, tatoos, no sleeves, the common stuff.


I think the fact that, I had to mention that I was even reading that text in the first place, just shows how much I wanted to get into the actual gameplay. (not very much)


In the end, they all just looked like generic fantasy soldier dudes, not hardcore jailed convicts. I just felt like I was playing a more boring version of Civilization Beyond Earth. I like the setting, but something about it being turn based just completely obliterates any feel of fun I could have.





I feel like this should be a game I should be enjoying, but I just have no desire at all to play it, everything is turn based, and the music is so generic to the point where I just turned it off almost instantly. I've played Civilization to death and I'm so tired of games in this style, they are all the same bland boring thing. It's all very artificial to me, and man, is it too much to ask, to have a real time, grand strategy game?


I don't think I'll ever get into the 4X genre, it's just too swallow for me. Civilization Revolution is the only game I've played a lot of, and even then I got really bored of that one also. I don't know, to me the turn based everything, kills any fun I could've had with the game.


It doesn't help that the game throws fifty thousand menus at you, which you can't even use anyway, why not unlock them, as you need them? There's also all these boring cooldown heavy mechanics, and just some really overly complicated mechanics which don't add much to the game in my mind, the whole game just feels bloated to me, and I just don't feel like I'll get much value by learning how the game works.


I predict that the rest of the game is just, a whole lot of waiting. And I'm frankly done with this style of games, I don't know, sorry.


I would much rather play something more streamlined, in the style of XCOM, but this game is a bit too much for me, the time investment is simply not worth it. This game is just really bloated, but the gameplay is just as non-existent and as artifical as in most 4X games, I'm just tired of games which feel like they can get away with the game mostly being one giant illusion. Okay I can already see past that, but is this really all 4X games have to offer?


Just another carbon copy of games I've already played? I don't really want more games with the awful combat system from Endless Legend, it just feels like a mish-mash of 4X games I've already played, I already know what's going to happen, there's nothing about it which stands out... I don't know.


Game's just too bland for me, I can't get past the horrible turn based combat, I don't know why but I just can't get into it. It doesn't help that for some reason the framerate just goes to hell once you get into an actual battle, but I really had no patience to learn this game at all, it's just not worth it to me.


Honestly, just go play the StarCraft 2 Terran campaign, it has the same vibe anyway (the forced Protoss dream sections suck ass though, I wish those were skippable).


I honestly just feel like I've already played this before, it really feels like I'm just playing Civilization Beyond Earth again, which was as equally as boring. I guess I'm just dissapointed overall, I was really hoping for something more beyond another boring twiddle your thumbs type game.


I don't think forcing myself through the game would change my overall opinion. I guess I just hate the 4X genre as a whole, I don't know.


Maybe I'm just stupid and this game is perfectly fine, and I don't blame it for that, but... I just can't get into it at all, sorry, I tried.


As far as turn based goes, the only turn based games I ever finished are, XCOM 1, Silent Storm.


I don't think XCOM 2 counts, as I dropped it because of how boring the grind got. I did beat it eventually, but I pretty much buffed the ammo capacity for a lot of things, and I generally made a lot of changes, to make the game play more like Silent Storm if anything, as I was tired of save scumming for the fifth time, to me random chance is just bullshit, so I did a couple of changes and the game just has a much better flow for me. I'll pretty much never update my copy of XCOM 2, I feel like my modified version is way more fun by default.

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this game is pretty great if you like TBS and/or other AoW games. IMO one mistake the game makes is that the campaign starts you off with the most boring race (Vanguard) and most boring tech (Voidtech). they also start you on a boring planet that is 90% arid mountains.


also, on the first campaign map the game might feel more like an RPG-ish game, with the strategy part in the background, when really it's the other way around (the strategy part is more important than the RPG part but it doesn't feel like that at first).


the maps are also randomized which is both a good and bad thing. this adds a lot of replayability, but then the maps are not as interesting as they could be either. You won't be able to have a map quite like Serpent River, for example.


once you start getting into other race and tech combinations the game starts to open up a lot. I particularly enjoyed Kir'ko Psynumbra and Amazon Xenoplague (also Dvar Pyro). I hate Syndicate so much though, and ended up getting stuck on the second Syndicate map which basically seems impossible to me.

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