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It's very good if exploring strange and pointless worlds is your thing. While there is some gameplay mechanics in maximizing your profit from burning or selling things to try and afford better foods, it isn't a major thing and can only really make the game less annoying to play.

It has two main annoyances. The first is you can't sleep and progress to a new day (Which you do get to write in a diary for, a nice touch) but also a 'gender' mechanic which is more of a drug addiction. Your character sometimes has withdrawal effects that slow you down, make you vomit, and distort your screen. Combined with the vibrant colors and visual design this can make some people sick or get a headache (Which some people do have a problem with). A smaller one is the skull you're cursed with makes noises a lot which again contributes to the headache problem.

Otherwise the game is pretty good for exploration in a strange alien world. It's good for when you just want to roam around and see what you can find. The character designs range from confusing blobs to pretty cool and alot of the ideas for the spaceport follow that feel. Hell that describes the game as a whole, it's either a really cool world with interesting bits of lore and details or giving you a headache from all the sounds and bright colors. Though it's worth walking around at night during a festival.

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