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This game is a bit of a mixed bag for me, since I do like it, but I liked the old closed alpha and beta versions a lot more. The issue is that this game makes you way too overpowered with melee. When swinging a melee weapon, you can dash a few meters (or much, much farther with some weapons) instantly to score a hit, and cycle through multiple weapons instantly to counter the cooldown. This is opposed to the earlier versions, where there was no pausing and no dashing, meaning the melee combat just felt like Hotline Miami in space, which was way better in my opinion.


The result of that change is that running in and meleeing everyone is usually the right call if possible. That's an issue because it means the developer had to then dramatically increase the number of shields and armor that enemies have to counter it, and those are more annoying than fun to deal with. I wish there was just an option to decrease those and disable dashing/pausing, because in either case, there's pretty much a "correct" way to go about things. There are a lot of ways you could complete your objectives, but most of the time, they won't be nearly as practical. the exception to this is just stealing another ship and using its missiles to make a new front door.

I make stuff. Look at it at https://www.youtube.com/user/MadmanEpic. Or don't. I can't really tell either way.

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I finished this game like a year ago. It gave me a good feeling of excitement about flying through the space, docking other ships, exploring the goods and doing stealth kills. Shooting windows and watching AI getting sucked out of the ship with the vacuum is particularly fun.

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Heat Sig is a mixed bag for me as well. On one hand, it starts as a fun game and has some really "oh shit" moments as well. (breaking a window to kill an armored target in the vacuum of space was a good one for me.) But aside from that, it starts to get really repetitive after about three hours or so. 3 hours for 15 bucks is still a better deal than a movie, but I don't know if it's worth full price.

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