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  1. It's a simple game, but you can buy new weapons with special abilities and unlock character traits to give it a boost on your experience. Also, it's quite fun to play with friends and now this game has support to Steam Remote Play Together, so your friends don't even need to own the game.
  2. I finished this game like a year ago. It gave me a good feeling of excitement about flying through the space, docking other ships, exploring the goods and doing stealth kills. Shooting windows and watching AI getting sucked out of the ship with the vacuum is particularly fun.
  3. Amazing game! It has tones of mechanics, places to explore and loot with procedurally created maps, enemies with different behaviours, things to get surprised by, you can play online coop, it's super challenging and hardcore for 'just a little 2D game'. I was totally caught by surprise. I'm a FPS gamer and I loved this game. I bought a copy for me and for my friend.
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