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It's cute, but there's a difficulty spike in the middle of the game, and the gameplay is just kinda bland, a bit repetitive. You are mostly trying to manage a few numbers, you send people to get the fish, now you get +10 fish every minute. It's not the most engaging game, but it looks nice, and it sorta feels like a real time 4X game, but personally, I ended up dropping it pretty quickly, it just felt very slow paced, and everything just goes so slowly.


I feel like playing StarCraft 2 would be more fun than this. For a strategy game, you sure do a lot of sitting around most of the time. I have very different tastes than most people, but it looked neat, and I like the graphics, they are colorful, but beyond that, it just didn't grab me much.


This was a miss for me, but other people might like it more than I did. I was kinda bored most of my way through though, it's an ok time waster I guess.


If you are looking for a game with some fun viking combat, this is the wrong place. This is a game about managing numbers, fighting is just... really bad.

I mean if you enjoy looking at spreadsheets, then this is probably the game for you. I would rather be playing Age of Mythology instead.

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Finally, an RTS that fits my reflexes. Unfortunately, it doesn't have much to offer, and the campaign was a bit disappointing. Might work for competitive multiplayer - but the single-player gets old a bit too quickly.

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