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  1. Very limited content, no real gameplay.
  2. Single-player did not work for me. Too short, too fast, too pointless. Probably fine for competitive multiplayer, seemed like it had some interesting different RTS mechanics going for it.
  3. Isn't much depth to this, but a fun concept and the graphics work really well. Worth a novel couple of hours.
  4. Finally, an RTS that fits my reflexes. Unfortunately, it doesn't have much to offer, and the campaign was a bit disappointing. Might work for competitive multiplayer - but the single-player gets old a bit too quickly.
  5. Great concept. Very quickly gets boring. Lacks depth and variety. Disappointing, but worth a cheap playthrough.
  6. I must say I was very disappointed by this title: It lacks depth, there is only one clear build-chain and in general, the game just feels like a minimal viable product made without any sense for game design. The campaign is horrible. But a fun concept, and I wish someone more talented would create a more interesting version of this game.
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