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Ultimately pointless and sort of empty but still relaxing and weirdly thought out. You roam a dreamy island as it goes through the days and even the seasons, so you get to see the changes over time. There are a few things to do like find 'secrets' such as the cabin or some special animals, you can't really interact beyond going near things though. Also if you find a large obelisk that makes a static sound just walk into it, they teleport you to another one.

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It's more of an interactive wallpaper than it is a game. Basically you explore an island and it changes overtime. The most interesting part about it is that it has procedural music. What I mean by that is that the music is formed by the objects (trees, plants, rocks, animals...) that are around you at the time. Each object emits a note, and the combination of all surrounding objects creates a song, well... it's not quite a song, more like a psychodelic background music.

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