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Good art and sound. Ship combat is fun to learn and experiment with, and you'll lose several hours in the beginning unlocking upgrades and amassing a fleet, but once you've made a few fleets (less than 5 hours) you'll really have gotten about as much as you will out of the game, besides the goal of uploading your fleet into the game for other players to fight. 

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Recommended. In terms of "completing" it though, it's a bit on the odd side. The game does provide some starter ship designs, but for the most part the player has to construct them. On my first playthrough with the default faction I cleared most of the map of enemy factions and of agents, but after a point (when the 8000P-limit is reached) there is little reason to do that. At least in my case a lot of the time was spent constructing ships. Running across the map and murdering everything becomes a bit pointless once a certain power level is reached (though one never really knows what kind of challenge the agents pose), but the feature to let the various ships fight agaisnt each other in little tournaments is quite nice to let them test their mettle against each other. When a big fleet is fighting another big fleet it can be hard to tell how effective the individual designs actually are.

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